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S700 Taximeter

Centrodyne’s newest slim line taximeter, S700, features a 6 P/B interface, even more vivid display, day/night adjustable intensity, all on a single PCB, packaged in a sleek designer’s case.

USD $285.00

Z059 OBD VSS Signal Generator (CAN)

The Z059 is a convenient way to generate a VSS speed-signal on vehicles where it is difficult to find one. Just plug into the OBD-II connector on your vehicle and wire the unit up tp the meter. The Z059 can also provide power to the meter making installation a breeze.

USD $145.00

A123 Relay (Pack of 5)

The A123 Relay connects to the output from the meter in order to switch the dome-light on and off. Installation instructions and diagrams are included.

USD $60.00

Y047 Vehicle Harness

The vehicle harness for S600 taximeters. ** Please note that due to limited stock we cannot supply harnesses without Communications cables. Please select "Don't Care" if you do not need a comm cable. **

USD $109.00

Z063 Speed Signal Divider

The Z063 is a VSS (vehicle speed signal) conditioner that divides the frequency of the speed signal by a factor of 1,2,4,8, or 16. The Y060 is required when the vehicle speed signal is greater than 64,000 pulses/mile.

USD $65.00